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The Crew Linus Ralls, Steve Horst, Skipper Steve Brown, Scott Atwood, Russ Turk, Gordon Boivin ready to leave the Long Beach Dock.

July 6...3 days to go.

The Ratings are posted on the Transpac Website. Div VI follows:

July 7...2 days to go.

The weather forecast looks LIGHT. Too light. Forecast is variable, 10 knots or less, patchy fog, slight chance of T-Storms!

Oh well, a longer trip just means more of the adventure to enjoy. :)

The Crew is busy preparing. Today they loaded the boat almost completely in preparation for the big Transpac Kick-off party tomorrow.

July 8. Tomorrow we race!

The weather forecast hasn't changed much...still light.

Wonderful send-off party at the Hyatt really got the crew feeling the spirit of Aloha. The crew is excited and ready for a great start tomorrow!!!

July 9. The START!!!

The view from Gypsy

Brown Sugar was relieved to have a beautiful steady breeze this afternoon at their 1:00 Start. They gained good position and were sailing strong as they quickly moved out of sight toward the West End of Catalina. They'll take The Island to port then head for Honolulu. They looked REALLY GOOD out there. Let's hope the wind holds up!

Here's the view from Gypsy, the Columbia 53 that took some Brown Sugar fans out to watch The Start.

Aerial photo of 7/9 start (TP website taken by: David Lee, pilot Marty Mitchell)

July 10. Whales everywhere.

Finally this evening we have some pressure and can drive the boat over 5 knots. Hoping the rest of the fleet was sharing our pain. only one vessel in sight all day. We have been pacing one another (or just staring at one another from a mile apart)

Team Brown Sugar
(e-mail via Sat Phone)

July 10. Now they're racing...

Positions as of early this morning for the leaders in Div 6 and Aloha A. Already we can see big differences in strategy as the fleet anticipates (or guesses) how the weather will shift.

Check the blog for e-mail reports sent from the boat.

Brown Sugar, Shanti and X-Dream took a northern course. Ariadne and Windswept took a big dive to the south.